Training bike vs "competition" bike

October 16, 2017 Posted by Lenore Koch

I like using the dill pickle handlebar bag, it fits on my carbon roadie without a problem. Lightweight, modern materials so it’s waterproof, and rackless. It’s not huge so you can’t carry a change of clothes but it’s got room for arm/leg warms and a whack of bars. IMO it’s not enough weight to affect the handling, it also has an optional map case which is good if you use cue-sheets. I don’t carry tubes or tools in my pocket, those go in tiny under-the-saddle bag.

Bikepacking type saddlebags work well on almost any kind of bike with a seatpost it seems, I’ve never used one so I have no idea what they are actually like. The only time I use a bigger saddle bag now is on 600K and longer rides where I am carrying a full change of kit. I’ve got a fendered touring bike but I do a lot of rainy brevets in the summer on my roadie without fenders, I get soaked either way around here… it’s not bad when it’s above 20C.

I’ve only been at the rando thing for 3 seasons now but I’ve moved toward carrying less and less stuff in general.

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