Monstercross / Trekking distance bike

October 19, 2017 Posted by Lenore Koch

I want a disc-equipped bike I can throw a front bag on and take on brevets. I also have to admit that I like being different (though not enough to abandon comfort). I also like big, squishy tires (at least as an option).

I’ve looked at Wolverines and NFEs (which are close, but a little tall for my short legs) and various other gravel bikes, but I like the idea of ti, partially because it’s corrosion-proof (and the weather sucks in WA), partially because I like the flex of steel frames, and largely because it’s cool and spaceship-like.

I also like perceived bargains (I say “perceived” because I’m the kind of guy who buys a $45 frame and hangs $1500 of crap on it). Enter all those Lynskey eBay deals. One of them is a Pro 29 MTB frame, complete with the awesome/grogeous/ridiculous twisted Helix tubes. With the addition of rack/fender mounts added at the factory (to maintain warranty), I can probably get the frame for under $1k. It seems like it could be badass as an all-day, fat-ish tire rider that would do really well off-road if I wanted to bomb down gravel trails or fire roads.

With a top tube that long (24″ or so ETT at a Medium), I imagine I couldn’t put drops on it, but that’s not a deal-breaker. I generally like trekking bars, and I’m now old enough that I don’t care if I get looks. And I rarely use the drops unless my hands are hurting or I’m in a terrible headwind.

It sounds like an awesome project and a funky bike, but I also don’t want to be $2500 into something that has so many “not quite right” things that I don’t love riding it all the time.


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