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October 29, 2017 Posted by Lenore Koch

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I’m using Ride with GPS for route planning and no, I don’t know a lot about it. I’m also using the free version at the moment and maybe that’s restricting my route planning too much. Does anyone have any thoughts on that? Should I give yet another company money?

I created a loop route, saved it, then decided I wanted to change it. Are you able to delete points or sections of a route in the free version? Or is that something you have to pay for. I wound up giving up and deleting the whole route.

You don’t really need to have a rwgps subscription.

You can delete the white circles (what rwgps calls “control points”).

When you open the route page, the page is in “extend a route” mode.

To go into “change the route” mode, click on ” add/remove control point”. To go back into “extensively a route” mode, click on “follow” roads.

When I go back to an existing route, I created a habit of immediately clicking on “add/remove control point”. (That avoids the confusion of having the page in “extend a route” mode when you plan to change the route.)


Click on a control point to remove it (when in “change a route” mode).

Click on the red line to add a control point.

Drag the red line to move it.

Think of control points as a way to pin the route on the map. When you drag the red line, it will only change location between control points.

Don’t add/create control points at intersections.

Click a little ways after the turn.

Don’t use too many control points. You don’t need to add them after every turn.

(Don’t remove all of the control points to “clean things up”.)

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