Possible solution for aero bars plus front bag setup: Wald 198 basket ?

December 17, 2017 Posted by Lenore Koch

Those who use aero bars but want a front bag they can access while riding… I haven’t found a non-custom/DIY solution.

What I’m thinking is using a Wald model 198 metal basket. It weighs 3lbs so that’s the only downside I see . Upside is that you can toss water bottles , clothing , snack bars, etc in it and reach down and grab stuff. You could use a zipped bag to prevent stuff from flying out, or any number of options.


Article source: https://www.bikeforums.net/long-distance-competition-ultracycling-randonneuring-endurance-cycling/1130836-possible-solution-aero-bars-plus-front-bag-setup-wald-198-basket.html

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