Handlebar width and material question

December 21, 2017 Posted by Lenore Koch

I bought my frame (a Lynskey Sportive Disc) for my 2018 series, and I have just about all of the parts picked out for the build, with the exception of the handlebars.

Currently, I’m riding some 42cm AL Soma Highway 1s. They seem fine on centuries. I was wondering if I might benefit from carbon on long rides, though. I’m less worried about weight and more concerned about vibrations over a 600k. Is it a noticeable difference? I went with hydros in part to save my hands, so if carbon also helps in that regard, I’m in. Ny only concern is durability if I crash. I’d rather not snap a bar half-way through (although I acknowledge that if I crash, the brake line is probably going to be my biggest problem).

Also, re. width, as I said, the 42s seem fine, but I’ve heard a lot of “wider is better for distance” talk. I’ve ridden a 44 cm bar for 10 or 15 miles and couldn’t tell the difference. Any thoughts would be welcome.


Article source: https://www.bikeforums.net/long-distance-competition-ultracycling-randonneuring-endurance-cycling/1131202-handlebar-width-material-question.html

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