Help with pacing/training?

December 28, 2017 Posted by Lenore Koch

Is this a ride or race? Most long distance riders don’t speak the language of FTPs and watts.

If you are not careful in your training rides, you might go over your 50 mile target by accident If it’s just ride and not a race, you can use Maffetone’s rule for full aerobic HR (google it) to define “low intensity” and create a schedule of 2-3 low intensity rides a week and 1 high intensity ride (time trial/hills/intervals), increasing both total miles per week and longest ride length at the rate of 5-10% a week. Ramp up too fast and you might get some strain/tear etc. If you ride on consecutive days, alternate hard or long days with easy or off days. You get stronger when resting, it’s as important as riding. Once you are riding 75 miles a week and longest ride is around 40 miles on terrain similar to your event, you’ll be fine for your half century. As you are training and gradually increasing your mileage, if you start to develop any soreness or pains, troubleshoot it – often a bike fit issue – don’t ignore it. Drink water every 15 minutes, about a bottle per hour. 200-300 calories per hour, starting just before you ride, bananas and energy bars are easy and widely available/cheap compared to gels and powder mix. If you reach your mileage goals early, than keep total weekly miles static and start ramping up intensity, e.g. 2 high intensity rides per week, and your longest weekly ride should be on a route similar to your event, in terms of elevation gain/hills. In the final week prior to your event, no long rides, just a short easy ride every other day with a one or two spurts of high intensity thrown in, don’t ride the two days before your event. Don’t vary your routine on your event day, don’t try new nutrition or a new bike saddle. Develop a pre-ride checklist so you don’t forget anything on event day. I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but this is just what I did/do after doing some reading and training and it’s gotten me from a 10 mile ride to a 200 mile ride.

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