Dynamo Wheel Build

December 28, 2017 Posted by Lenore Koch

Most reasonable road rims should be appropriate for your intended use, particularly with conventional spoke counts. Is tubeless compatibility important for you? Are you concerned with aerodynamic performance? Do you like a more vintage look, such as a box section?

Some nice rims I’d consider: Velocity A23, Velocity Quill, DT R440. Pascenti Forza, H+Son Arcetype, the new Mavic Open Pros look promising. If you want a box section rim for OG rando cred Pascenti makes the Brevet, Velo Orange makes the Diagonale if you don’t care about tubeless profile (I would).

I might pick the Quills if I wasn’t worrying too much about price, I like the A23s I’ve built, also the R440s I’ve built.

Article source: https://www.bikeforums.net/long-distance-competition-ultracycling-randonneuring-endurance-cycling/1131553-dynamo-wheel-build-rim-type.html

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