Reasonable Bicycle lock to prevent "thefts of opportunity", when on brevets

December 31, 2017 Posted by Lenore Koch

I try to keep my bike with me on brevets, e.g. even when entering convenience stores and gas stations.

But sometimes we have to go to the bathrooms that won’t fit a bike inside or even nearby ; or enter a grocery store that tells you to leave the bike outside. In this situation, it’s nice to have a small lock that will prevent “thefts of opportunity.” Most of us know that a dedicated bike thief can cut through the best and heaviest U-lock in 60-90 seconds with a handheld angle grinder, we can’t prevent those types of thieves and we don’t want to carry a heavy U-lock, so it’s going to something lightweight and more of a visual deterrent.

So: what lock do you carry on brevets, if any ? (I currently carry a $5 cheapo cable lock that rarely gets used)

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