2018 — Century Challenge

January 1, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

This is the thread for those who will not be able to complete the 2018 Century-A-Month challenge … or those who want to do 1, 2 or a several centuries this year at whatever time works for them … or those who complete their first century this year …

The Century-A-Month challenge requires that a cyclist ride at least one century (100 miles) in each month of the year. But sometimes because of weather, accidents, or other commitments riding a century in each month of the year becomes impossible. And sometimes people get into cycling long distances partway through the year, but would like to join a challenge for motivation.

Even if we can’t participate in the CAM challenge, it’s nice to have a place to log our centuries (100-mile rides) throughout the year … so here it is!

The challenge: Let’s see how many centuries (100-mile rides), or longer rides, we can ride this year … in any month of the year!!

Get ready … get set …………… GO!!

See also this thread for Randonnees: https://www.bikeforums.net/long-dist…andonnees.html

Article source: https://www.bikeforums.net/long-distance-competition-ultracycling-randonneuring-endurance-cycling/1132004-2018-century-challenge.html

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