2018 Randonnees

January 1, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

2018 Randonnees

The 2018 Randonneuring season began on November 1, so if you’re riding randonnees this year, tell us about them.

Are you riding a Super Randonneur series with the hopes of getting into a 1200K randonnee later this year? Or are you just riding the randonnees for the fun, challenge, adventure, etc.?

Some Links …

The “Les Randonneur Mondiaux” event calendar …
les randonneurs Mondiaux

The “Les Randonneur Mondiaux” home page …
les randonneurs Mondiaux

BC Randonneurs Links page …
Randonneur Links

Audax Australia’s Links page …

Audax UK’s Links page …
Randonneur sites

Audax Club Parisien’s Links page …
Offical Web Site of Audax Club Parisien

Randonneur USA’s Links page …
RUSA: Links


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