2018 — 1000-Mile Month Challenge

January 2, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

Note: I know this won’t fit into everyone’s training plans, or life plans, and I know this will not interest everyone, so there is absolutely no pressure to participate in this challenge. If you don’t want to participate in this one, that’s OK. But it is do-able (I’ve done it many times) and may encourage some of us to get out there and ride more.

The challenge: Ride 1000 miles in at least one month this year … or as many months as you want … go for all 12 months if you have the time and energy!!

I know lots of you ride this amount and more during your “season”, so let us know how it’s going.

If you don’t quite make 1000 miles in a month, check out the 1000-Kilometer Month Challenge:

Article source: https://www.bikeforums.net/long-distance-competition-ultracycling-randonneuring-endurance-cycling/1132001-2018-1000-mile-month-challenge.html

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