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January 6, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

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Man, I feel out of date using my 60′s model bike for touring

I think you have to make the distinction here between touring and racing. Supported racing? Solo racing?

For touring, depending on one’s trip, then one often chooses a bike that is “bomb-proof” for long distance rides. I.E. Plan 1000 miles going way off the beaten path, and look for a bike that won’t break, and if it does, something that replacement parts will be easy to find, and easy to install.

Everything I read about Carbon Fiber indicates that it is strong and durable in some directions, and fragile in other directions. So its use really depends on one’s needs. Also, perhaps one would save 5 pounds between a quality chromoly frame (built extra rugged) vs a quality carbon fiber frame (with not quite so rugged design). One may well be able to save that 5 pounds by choosing a lighter tent or sleeping bag.

I woudn’t be surprised, however, if we start seeing CF encroaching on touring builds. Maybe some small parts such as a CF seatpost? CF derailleurs? CF shifters? CF has already been hitting the MTB and cyclocross business in a big way. Why not touring?

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