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What is your favorite distance to ride?

January 18, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

400k is my favorite distance. It’s about the most I can ride on Saturday and still do something else on Sunday.

I ride 80 miles every Saturday during the season, but those are just training rides so not really my favorite distance
100 miles is a bit more than my weekly long ride, but not so much longer that it’s anything special
On a 200k there are usually some fast guys that I try to keep up with so I’m dead by the end if not before
I usually still have gas in the tank at the end of a 300k
A 600k is too far for me to ride in one day
Anything longer than that is really more of a tour than a ride

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Aero bars…?

January 16, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

Zzipper Road Fairings Title

Air goes around you with a smoother flow..

I had a quieter, less buffering from the wind , so ear buds , to hear books on tape, had my 12 mile commute just a matter of turning the pedals

for an hour/..

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Is stretching overrated ? If beneficial, is it worth the time ?

January 15, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

On a really long ride … I WANT to stretch. I look forward to breaks where I can stretch. I have an on-bike stretching routing.

I find that when I’m sitting in more-or-less the same position for hours and hours, stretching is one of those simple pleasures. Right up there with munching down a bag of potato chips!

On shorter rides, I don’t stretch and don’t know that it would necessarily help.

Lately I’ve started running and i’m finding that with running, stretching is good! So I’ve had to start incorporating that into my running plans.

Just my personal experiences.

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aero bars…?

January 15, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone uses aero bars for long distance rides. i’m planning a long ride this summer and want to know if they will help with position fatigue?

if you use them…what do you use?

i was looking at these: Profile Design T1+ Aerobars from Performace (sorry, too much of a noob to post a link). i like the adjustability and they are reasonably priced.


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What’s your rain gear?

January 9, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

My feet are my problem, and I haven’t solved it yet. I get too much heat lost through the cleat area, and while I just bought some aerogel insoles, turns out there’s not enough volume in my winter shoes to wear them, and all of the new winter shoes I’ve tried on come too far up my ankle to fit properly — I don’t know what the manufacturers are thinking, but the right size on my foot and the right size on my lower leg aren’t the same.

The real answer might be not to clip in below 35 degrees or so. The longest/coldest ride I’ve done successfully were a couple of 100ks in temperatures right around freezing — the second was 90 miles including riding to the start/home, and in driving wind and sleet. I was mostly OK, but had some frostnip on my feet right where the cleats are — it was several days before I got all the feeling back there.

I was wearing, IIRC: long-sleeved jersey, then a wool long-sleeved layer, then a waterproof coat that did not entirely keep me dry but kept heat in and wind out, insulated tights (if I’d had a set of rain-legs for the sleety ride they would have helped; I have some *now*), wool socks, waterproof shoes that did not keep the water from streaming in. Gloves were a non-waterproof, lighter pair for the first half of the ride, switching to the heavy-duty waterproof ones when my feet really started to get cold, in the hopes that my body would redirect some blood — my hands were soaked but actually doing OK except on descents.

However, I am also kind of fat, and thus have a layer of blubber that does a great job of keeping my thighs and torso warm, as long as I keep moving.

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Randonneuring (image)

January 6, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

Originally Posted by Metieval
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Man, I feel out of date using my 60′s model bike for touring

I think you have to make the distinction here between touring and racing. Supported racing? Solo racing?

For touring, depending on one’s trip, then one often chooses a bike that is “bomb-proof” for long distance rides. I.E. Plan 1000 miles going way off the beaten path, and look for a bike that won’t break, and if it does, something that replacement parts will be easy to find, and easy to install.

Everything I read about Carbon Fiber indicates that it is strong and durable in some directions, and fragile in other directions. So its use really depends on one’s needs. Also, perhaps one would save 5 pounds between a quality chromoly frame (built extra rugged) vs a quality carbon fiber frame (with not quite so rugged design). One may well be able to save that 5 pounds by choosing a lighter tent or sleeping bag.

I woudn’t be surprised, however, if we start seeing CF encroaching on touring builds. Maybe some small parts such as a CF seatpost? CF derailleurs? CF shifters? CF has already been hitting the MTB and cyclocross business in a big way. Why not touring?

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Garmin eTrex for user friendly navigation on brevets?

January 5, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

Rant on/

I am prejudiced against Garmin and other bicycle computers, perhaps unfairly so. I run a Garmin 510 just to keep track of distance/HR/cadence/time and I use a cue sheet for navigating. I’ve read the reviews for the newer Garmins in terms of navigation, seems like they haven’t figured this stuff out yet.

I think these devices are great for watching cadence, heart rate, tracking distance and time.

But it is disappointing that the navigation on these devices seem lacking in user-friendliness and reliability compared to even the old school GPS devices for cars that used to sit on your dashboard, plugged into the cigarette lighter, without even talking about more modern GPS apps on mobile phones.

Glitches, updates, screwing around with the RidewithGPS file etc all seems really archaic, this stuff should be more user friendly. As someone who is neither tech savvy nor has any desire to be tech savvy, I’d like to spend my free time riding my bike, not reading reviews on DC rainmaker and troubleshooting my route on my PC.

Rant off/

What I want is a GPS device that can download a file from RidewithGPS and reliably tell me either where to go (turn left in 50 feet) or show me a line that goes forward and turning right etc without navigation per se, such that if something suboptimal occurs, it won’t go berzerko and want me to re-do a turn:

say I am riding on the other side of street for a while ; or say I miss a turn ; or say the RidewithGPS route wants me to go up to the big intersection instead of shortcuting across the corner gas station. If I miss a turn, I want to be able to get back onto some point of the route (which I can do using my phone GPS without fanfare) , and have it resume it’s display. If I want to go off course to check out a scenic area, and then come back to resume my brevet route, there shouldn’t be any issue.

I also want the option to have it powered by batteries like AA or AAA so that I don’t have to charge it off the dynamo or separate USB battery pack.

I would likely run whatever navigation device along side my Garmin 510, which is powered by a small external battery pack that takes regular AA batteries, that will record my data and provide HR etc. Dynamo hub will charge my iphone during the day.

Would the eTrek GPS do this? If so, which one do you recommend ? If not, what is the device that would gimme what I want?


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2018 — 1000-Kilometre Month Challenge

January 2, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

The challenge: Ride 1000 kilometers (~622 miles) in at least one month of the year. Go for all 12 if you can!!

Ride … enjoy … report!!

If you have managed to cycle 1000 miles in a month, check out the 1000-Mile Month Challenge here:…challenge.html

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2018 — 1000-Mile Month Challenge

January 2, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

Note: I know this won’t fit into everyone’s training plans, or life plans, and I know this will not interest everyone, so there is absolutely no pressure to participate in this challenge. If you don’t want to participate in this one, that’s OK. But it is do-able (I’ve done it many times) and may encourage some of us to get out there and ride more.

The challenge: Ride 1000 miles in at least one month this year … or as many months as you want … go for all 12 months if you have the time and energy!!

I know lots of you ride this amount and more during your “season”, so let us know how it’s going.

If you don’t quite make 1000 miles in a month, check out the 1000-Kilometer Month Challenge:…challenge.html

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2018 Randonnees

January 1, 2018 Posted by Lenore Koch

2018 Randonnees

The 2018 Randonneuring season began on November 1, so if you’re riding randonnees this year, tell us about them.

Are you riding a Super Randonneur series with the hopes of getting into a 1200K randonnee later this year? Or are you just riding the randonnees for the fun, challenge, adventure, etc.?

Some Links …

The “Les Randonneur Mondiaux” event calendar …
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The “Les Randonneur Mondiaux” home page …
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BC Randonneurs Links page …
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Audax Australia’s Links page …

Audax UK’s Links page …
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Audax Club Parisien’s Links page …
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Randonneur USA’s Links page …
RUSA: Links


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